This is the story of god Kratos and his son Atreus, who began his journey to the highest peak for putting ashes. The ashes of Atreus second mother or you can say ashes of Kratos second wife. This whole game is all about to put ashes on the peak of nine realms. Let us discuss this in detail





This is the story of Kratos and his son Atreus. Kartos and Atreus take Ashe’s second mother to ashes to the world’s highest mountain. For her immersion. Atreus’s mother also supports him in this journey. But this journey is going to be very terrible. Let’s talk about this Kratos, who is a god, in this game, there is a lot of danger in this journey. But he does not tell Atreus about any danger, because if he told him he might have been afraid, he would have not gone for her second mother bone immersion. But her second mother take wish from Kratos that only. Atreus, immerse his ashes at the peak. It is the reason that  Kartos did not want to tell anything to Atreus. As I already told you about Kratos who have a lot of magical power as well as we are well.


We are very well aware of the fact that along with every powerful force there are bad people who are jealous of you. Because of this, there were a lot of enemies of Kartos. One of which an anime had murdered Kartos’s wife. But Kartos or his son did not know this thing. So far, this part is the best and most interesting in the series of God of war game. While going towards Nine Realm, these two i.e Kartos and his son Atreus find many enemies who wanted to kill them. But Kartos is a very big warrior with magical power. But in this game, all Kratos power depends on player ability how smooth he react when he or she sees enemies.

On behalf of my experience, this game is more than fantastic. I will suggest you that please play this game – Play God of war once in your your life.



In this section, we discuss all the Kratos fighting skills, his weapon and all new updates from previous one series.



Kratos weapon

1- Leviathan Axe

In this game series, Kartos will get to see more look change than before. As we know earlier, earlier it used to have 2 chains for the battle. But in the update of this 2018 game, it has been replaced by a magic axe named Leviathan Axe. This axe is so powerful and returned back to his hand when he summoned the axe. We can say that it is same as the thor hammer Mjölnir. As we know that when this new update has come, its target will also be more accurate than before. If the player plays this game carefully, then he will have to give his shield to him. Because he has so much power in his Leviathan battle-axe, With which he will destroy the biggest enemies by hitting an attack.


2-Guardian Shield

Like the leviathan axe his guardian shield also have major very much power to resist or repel anyone attack. Like his hammer, his shield also comes only when Kartos calls him. No, he goes back to his armour again. Its hammer also has some powers, so that it can freeze everything for a while. There is a lot of magic power available to it, the whole game that you have to find. In this, hand battles have to be fought somewhere.


God of war – Story

God of War 1 Setup Free Download
God of War 1 Setup Free Download

Many years after this journey, when he arrives at his house Realm of Midgard, immerse his wife’s priest in the highest peak Nine Realm. In the beginning of this Journey. May when he approaches Lake of the Nine, then Kratos finds his friend and the last remaining giant snake- Jörmungandr. After that, after passing the black fog which used to give pain to the multi-disease, they reach the ghost forest. After passing through here, they reach the highest peak of Midgard where they find a mysterious man. By talking, it shows that he is Baldur. In this way, Kartos and his son Atreus meet a lot of people who give them directions on where and how to reach the highest peak. Then he meets Mimir who tells him 2 ways. Short cut way is travel there has blocked to keep out Odin and Thor.

Mimir advises them to attack their heads and get them revived with the help of witches so that they will reveal Freya. This condition was given for telling the way of peak. But the interesting thing is that no one knows why Mimir killed herself first and then got her alive by witches. Perhaps the story behind it is such that someone has cursed it, to get rid of it, he has got his head cut. No matter what condition Mimir puts, the important thing is that Mimirhelped Kratos to reach the highest peak of nine realms. In the search of the portal, Kartos comes out, taking Maymir, Freya and Atreus together. While going ahead, Modi and Magani attack Mimir. But in this fight, Modi is killed and Magni runs away from him, Kartos continues to chase him and kills him.


But Atreus’s health worsens in this war. Due to which Atreus starts to think that God is also mortal. Freya ordered Kartos to retrieve the heart of a specific troll. Freya tells Kartos that her hammer will not work here, so there is no use of keeping it. So he goes home again and brings his old chained weapon. After acquiring hearts, he has a haunting vision of Zeus. After this, all Atreus health is restoring and completely cured. And after that Kratos tells Atreus that he is god, and His behaviour is quite rude with people who are wrong. After which Atreus gets very angry and ignore Kratos orders.

After this, after reaching Midgard, Buldur attacks him. The result of which is that the portal which is open, closes again and falls into Helheim. Atreus compromises with his father, Kartos, then he learns about the relationship between Freya and Baldur.



Setup Size: 340MB,

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10,

CPU: 2.0GHz Intel Dual Core processor or later,

Hard Disk Space: 2GB,

RAM: 2GB   Setup Size: 340MB

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