This is a very fantastic android game. It has different types of creatures, which are divided according to their size and power. Powers of these creatures which makes this game good in my opinion and the most important thing for.

Hungry dragon games || Tips and tricks for this dragon game - At
New dragon game for android – Hungry dragon



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I am here with the new game hungry Dragon and I would like to tell you that this is an arcade game.





In my opinion, I think it is one of the best game because in this game you will not get bored, because while feeding. Your Dragon you will see lots and lots of new things in the game and as the level increases your. Dragon will be changed by you means you will upgrade your dragon and you will see the difference. Powers of dragons which makes this game good in my opinion and the most important thing for. At this game is that it will not make you feel bore.

So as the name define hungry Dragon means you have to feed the dragon as much as you can.

So basically you have to drive Dragon as far as you can and have to feed the dragon as much as you can. For this, you will get points and you have to tackle the various. Difficulties in the level and prove that you are capable of handling a dragon.

Initially, you will get a small Dragon then as you start feeding and. Upgrading you can buy a new Dragon as you get the coins so there are various level of the Dragons.


Types of dragon

Hungry dragon games || Tips and tricks for this dragon game - At
Top 5 dragon game

Dragons are divided into various categories the first one which you will get initially that is a small one then. You have to one by one then you have to upgrade one by one from small to medium then medium to large to extra large then XXXL. And then exclamatory so it will be like that after that. I would like to tell you that as you go from small to the last exclamatory. Dragons all Dragons have different powers and different features.

The best thing about this app is that this app the Hungry Dragon is made by Ubisoft. You must be knowing one of the best producers of the gaming app.

Let me tell you about this app so first let us proceed by how we will open the app and we will commence playing the game.




For the beginner, the first thing which we have to keep in mind is that keep feeding the. Dragon as much as you can and the most important thing is that use the boost because. When you use the boost it will double the feeding rate of your dragon and as the feeding rate. Doubles your point will get doubled chance for getting good rank will increase.

The most important thing for a beginner is that you have to collect as much as the coin as you can to unlock the next level Dragon.

One thing I would like to remind you about one column down for the fire rush. As Your Dragon keeps on eating your fire column will increase slowly and as your fire rush column get full and. Your Dragon will start to emit fire and this is the time when you have to use your boost and. Burn as much as you can because this will increase your score 4 times than usual.




Hungry dragon games || Tips and tricks for this dragon game - At
Best 5 dragons game


And if you are born a lot of things you will get a mega-fire rush which will increase your score by 12 times the normal. So this is the best thing in that you keep on eating and you can increase. Your score by 4 x and 12 x using your fire rush and mega-fire rush.

While playing this game you have to remember one thing that in between. While eating your food you will see some of the eggs which you have to collect because these eggs will hatch and it will give you a. Pet which will follow your dragon and it will help in increasing Dragons power while going with him.




In this game you will be saying 7 types of Dragon this dragon has been divided in because of their power and their size

First Dragon will be of small size, second will be of medium size then third will be of large size forth will be of extra-large.

Fifth will be of extra large and sixth will be Exclamatory Dragons which are beyond the limits. That means these dragons don’t have any limits they have all the power so to get this dragon and you will be king of this game.

Now the question is = How will you get these Dragon?

The answer is by feeding your dragon you will get points and coins which you have to keep on collecting. And as you keep on feeding Your Dragon the Dragons level will be increasing and it will unlock the next level. Dragon I mean the next which is more stronger than the current Dragon after that you can buy the. Dragons using the coins which we have collected in between you will get three phases for upgrading your current. Dragon as you unlock the level you will get an option to upgrade your dragon by using your coins.




Now the question comes how you will collect your Dragon treasure the simple answer is that keep on feeding. Your Dragon and keep on visiting new places you will get the. Treasure and don’t forget to collect coins and stars. You just have to go you just have to bring your dragon to the Treasure and the. Treasure Will Be unlocked this is how you will collect the. Treasure and keep on collecting the Dragon Dragons treasure as shown in the games notification.





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